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New Asia Group (Australia) specialises in Asian cuisine, from street food to premium dining, including, Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian culinary cuisines. For more than a decade, the founders of New Asia Group have been committed to introducing Oriental flavours to Australians in unique and well-accepted concepts.

We embrace a Philosophy of Care across our business, which begins with looking after each other, but extends to looking after our suppliers, our environment, our community and our customers. For our partners, we are persistently working hard to develop a unique formula to allow the F&B business models to be successful and profitable. We do extensive research from latest market trends, marketing and branding campaigns, to innovative technology and solutions.

New Asia Group pursues to provide support and services to partners in the F&B industry with the highest level of honesty, generosity, integrity and professionalism. Our future in this growing industry is booming and we welcome you to be a part of it!

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Kamikaze Kitchen

Kamikaze Teppanyaki + Bar

“Teppan” (iron plate) and “yaki” (grilling, heating, or frying) literally means “grilling on an iron plate”. Here at Kamikaze Teppanyaki + Bar, we are not your traditional teppanyaki restaurant. We offer a unique culinary and cultural experience for everyone. And while teppanyaki is a style of cooking, it’s definitely more of highlighting the combination of ancient Japanese cooking techniques and modern performance art. Our team of highly skilled chefs use fresh, prime Australian produce to prepare flavourful and satisfying dishes. To top it up, try our selection of Asian-inspired cocktails or premium Japanese wine to enjoy a fun and interactive night (or day) out!



Superwok Restaurant and Bar brings Asia’s vibrant food & lively drinking culture to Australia. Superwok is a smart casual venue with great selection of wines, cocktails and drinks. Superwok serves contemporary Asian dishes that are easily enjoyed with groups or couples.

Gift Cards & VIP

We are excited to introduce House Accounts – our new way of rewarding loyal guests. By opening a House Account, you pre-purchase a few meals and we give you: personalized VIP treatment when you visit the restaurant, access to exclusive perks and events, and (you’re gonna love this) free dining credit! That’s right, every time you add money to your House Account, we give you free credit to spend at the restaurant. It’s a new level of VIP.

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We're not shy in saying we have big dreams. We have led the way in bringing Chinese and Japanese food to the masses, making it a popular dining option in Australia. We served over a million hungry customers last year with flavours that are as vibrant as in Asia.


A love of food, culture and family sits at the heart of our business. Everything we do, we do with love. Whether it be our founders dropping by your store to say hello and lend a helping hand, to around the clock support wherever and whenever you need it - when you join NEW ASIA GROUP, you join our family and regular contact is a big part of who we are.


Our business was born from a passion for great food and great people. If you can blend this with a desire to work hard and succeed - we want you!


Your success is our success. We’re determined that you’ll have everything you need to succeed through in-depth training and ongoing support. If you ever need a hand, instant help and guidance is on offer whenever you need it.


Whether you need to drop your kids at school or have plans to build a new home, we care about what’s important to you. We’ll help you set goals, achieve your targets and fit your work to suit your lifestyle.

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